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After nationalisation in 1972, NICL operated as a subsidiary of General Insurance Corporation of India (GIC). NICL was spun off as a distinct company under the General Insurance Business (Nationalisation) Amendment Act in 2002.[6] In April, 2004, NIC signed an agreement with Nainital Bank for distribution of its general insurance products through the bank's branches in Uttarakhand, Haryana and New Delhi.

National Insurance Company Limited

National Insurance Company Limited (NICL) is a state owned general insurance company in India. Its slogan is "THODA SIMPLE SOCHO (Mediclaim)(Hindi)" The company headquartered at Kolkata was established in 1906 and nationalised in 1972.[2][3] It's portofolio consists of a multitude of general insurance policies, offered to a wide arena of clients encompassing different sectors of the economy.[4] Apart from being a leading insurance provider in India, NICL also serves Nepal.

Products and services

  • Personal Insurance policies include medical insurance, accident, property and auto insurance coverage.
  • Rural Insurance policies provide protection against natural and climatic disasters for agriculture and rural businesses
  • Industrial Insurance policies provide coverage for project, construction, contracts, fire, equipment loss, theft, etc.
  • Commercial Insurance policies provide protection against loss and damage of property during transportation, transactions, etc.